I'm Jono.
You may have seen me before.
Or at least think you have.
Apparently I look like a lot of other people.
But I'm probably just a stranger.
A wayfaring stranger.

Born & raised on the sunny beaches just north of Sydney, I spent my first 25 years unbeknowns to the world around me. Armed with a Digital Media degree, a British passport and a backpack, I set to change all of that and relocated to gloomy London. Having Ol' Blighty as my base, I traveled extensively across Europe, building a love of travel photography and all the cultural experiences this great continent has to offer.

During my time at uni (or lack of), I found a passion for still images and the power they possess to communicate to their audience on a deeply complex level. Sure, fashion photography is glamourous and studio portraits can make us look great, but there's something about documentary photography that speaks to all of us. It's those emotions you get when seeing a photo for the first time that drive my love of photography. It's the real people, with real stories and real lives that I'm more interested in.

In 2014, my life in London took a shift. I left the 'motherland' for Latin America and along the way, found solace capturing the faces and places which made up what I found to be a diversely vast continent. While I journey the earth for new experiences, cultures and friends, I want to share them. The best part about travelling is the people you meet, and the stories they have. What good is travelling the world unless you have a story to tell of it. These are my stories through my own images and words. Absorb. Enjoy.

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