The Beginning: A Sensory Expedition

By this time next week I'm going to be exchanging my living room armchair for a wooden stool of some cafe in the heart of Buenos Aires.

It has just only now occured to me that because I've been so busy sorting out my life, saying goodbyes and worrying about my finances, I've neglected to think even once about what BA has to offer me.

Should I be enriching my stay in BA with the architecture? Or is it all about the tastes? Juicey steaks grilled over scorching hot flames, with bold & deep glasses of Malbec? What does makes a city unique? In a digital world where accessibility is no issue, and globalisation has meant that influences follow us to every corner, it could possibly be the sounds of the city that make it something special.

After trawling Sound cloud for which was only a few minutes I've found this track. A quick sampler of an album released in 2012. With a typical Latin instrumental sound, hints of passion are displayed via more fimiliar digital sounds. Even the artwork captures and envokes a certain vision of modernity yet draws on the past, through the mosaic-filled shapes.

Either way, I feel like Buenos Aires could be a place that captivates my senses.

I hope they stamp passports.

Jono Mark

34 | SYD | LDN | ??? Happiest with a camera attached to my hand... I'm scaling the globe one country at a time to capture who and what makes our world such an amazing place.

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